a multi-media visual artist and a newly graduate in fitness, Sarah Kane-Matete also known as MamaSez resides in beautiful Gisborne in Āotearoa (NZ) where living the dream exists within her world in nurturing her young family and pursuing her career passion within her work as an indigenous artist. Sarah's medium direction revolves around tatak (Filipino tattoo) and tā moko (Māori tattoo) where she works from her private studio. Sarah has recently graduated from NZCEL4 in Fitness and is furthering her studies into NZCEL5, currently in the works to building a second business as a personal trainer. 


Ko Nūhaka te Awa

Ko Moumoukai te Maunga
Ko Kahungunu te marae
Ko Kahungunu raua ko Rongomaiwahine te Iwi
Nō Philippines hoki ahau
Ka puta tokotōru a rāua tamariki
Ko Sarah Kane ahau 
Mauri ora ki a kōutou katoa!  

Sarah aka MamaSez (1986) whakapapas back to the Bicol, Ilocano and Pasig regions of the Philippines. She was born in Manila and later moved to the east coast of Āotearoa (New Zealand) with her mother in 1991, whaangai (adopted) to her whānau (family) at the age of 5  to Ngāti Kahungunu, Rongomaiwahine of Nūhaka and Māhia.



"Te Āo Māori is the bridge between my whenua (land) in the Philippines and Āotearoa. I grew up without knowledge or experience of Indigenous Filipino culture, this is the heart of my businesses, my purpose, My diverse background has opened gate ways into tracing back to my indigenous culture, whakapapa (ancestral lines). When you fulfil what feels good in the heart, it will always serve confidence and authenticity which hold great value within both personal and professional growth."


Ko Te Pito - In the Beginning 

Sarah's professional and creative journey is her dream unfolding since she was a little girl, she has always wanted to be an artist. After graduating Gisborne Girls High School at the age of 17, Sarah continued onto study at Toihoukura and completed a BA in Contemporary Māori Art and Design. Post graduation,  self-employed multi-media artist MamaSez was born. Sarah soon  up-skilled as a tā moko (Māori tattoo) and tatak (Filipino tattoo) artist, mostly self-taught with the help of co-artists through wānanga based learning. Sarah's life connections and her passion for indigenous art infuse together and is carving the path way to where her work is today. Known for her radical stand out mix medium paintings and tattoo work of colour washes laced in fine detail, Sarah has come full circle after 5 years practicing as a tattoo artist and has found her niche. Today  her work is distinctive and recognisable through the delicate, fine details of floating geometric shapes and forms of woven Filipino and Māori designs, predominantly of black work and grey shade . Sarah is passionate about developing her knowledge around the revival of indigenous cultural traditions and sharing this with her whānau and communitiesShe is influenced by the strong collective of women artists around the globe. Her mix medium works reflect the divine feminine element often featuring deities and their stories of creation within all realms, space and time. Sarah is inspired by ancient stories, rituals and art forms, the way they connect us to nature, to the spirit world and to each other as people. Immersing herself into like minded communities she feels hold great value within her personal and professional growth. She loves getting herself amongst as many kaupapa as her time will let her. A co-founder of Wā Hine, a collaborative group of Māori wāhine (women) artists with a purpose to uplift and empower women through sharing art, personal and political views. She is also a member of Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon (Mark of the Four Waves) Filipino tattoo revival tribe based in LA.

Wandering Earth

Sarah guest spots as a tattoo artist often around Āotearoa, with an overseas trip at least once a year. She is a woman on a mission forever aspiring towards a rounded life where she strives to balance her roles as a māmā and business woman. Sarah adopted the hashtag #aspiretoinspire at the beginning of her business venture with the intention to inspire others by simply living her truth and fulfilling her aspirations in life.  


Health is Wealth

Sarah grew up within a tight and rural community lucky to have access to a beautiful landscape environment as her playground. Her parents provided a sustainable lifestyle. She considers herself fortunate to have this foundation and values. Sarah continues to instil similar foundations and values within her own children making the necessary adaptations as they navigate through a colourful and dynamic lifestyle that honours her belief system which reflects Te Whare Tapa Whā model, the four important dimensions needed to sustain overall health and well bing. 

You will often find Sarah at workshops, wānanga (educational learning), conventions or at a campus working on expanding her horizon. She has completed a handful of wānanga based study in various art forms such as weaving, glass art and te reo Māori. Sarah has also immersed herself in studies with holistic health and medicine, maara kai (growing food from a garden). . She has spent lots of her earlier years in the gym environment, group fitness and has a life long passion for dance and the benefits it brings to her hauora (health." Sarah competed in the 2015 East Coast NABBA Body Building Competition in the Fitness Model category and placed 3rd to further compete in the NABBA nationals in Auckland.  In July 2019, she made a comeback in the sport as a personal goal and to compliment her studies in Exercise and  competed in the East Coast NABBA Body Building Competition in the Novice physique Womens Short category where she placed 1st. following with a trip to Palmerston North where she competed in the NABBA NZ Nationals and bought home 2nd place. Sarah competed in the 2020 NABBA NZ Nationals and won the Miss Novice Physique Short and Bester Female Poser/Routine awards. She is now working towards competing for another Stage comeback with a goal to take out Miss Physique Opens 2021.

Sarah has celebrated her first year as personal trainer/fitness instructor at Anytime Fitness Gisborne and has merged into the Gizzy Muscle Gym as her new working venue and where she trains for body building with her coach and team.


'Sharing time, skill and knowledge is creating connections through my work, it is indispensable, they are the most valuable contributions that I could ever offer. It gives me a sense of fulfilment that goes deeper than just working for a dollar. It's not work to me, it's my passion, it's my happiness, it's my purpose, I couldn't imagine doing anything else."



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Aspire to Inspire

Sarah Kane-Matete


Private Studio, Gisborne 4010

New Zealand

Sarah Kane-Matete

Private Studio, Gisborne 4010

New Zealand